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Bechdel Babes Writing Partners is a diverse female writers group dedicated to providing a safe space for film and TV writers to find their voice and hone their craft.  Although our primary goal is to create stories that reflect the female experience, equally important is our goal to form a partnership with the BB members for the purpose of advancing careers in the  industry.   By building a community of  talented and dedicated female writers, we hope to create a destination for industry professionals to find powerful, female driven content.

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The Babes meet in a Sherman Oaks home on Monday nights from 7:00 - 10:00 PM.  The meeting starts with a discussion on goals and business strategies, followed by two writers who each present up to 30 pages of a  current film or TV script.  Hard copies are passed out on that night, and members read all the parts.   

Each member is encouraged to give notes, beginning with three things they liked, followed by what was confusing or needs attention.   Notes are intended to support and encourage the writer, and  offer ways for the writer to improve their story.  This groups stresses a team spirit, and a desire by every member to elevate the role of women in the industry in mandatory.

There is a $30 per month charge for participation.  This fee covers the website and social media maintenance, as well as water and light refreshments.

Our name is derived from the BECHDEL TEST, so...

what is the BECHDEL TEST???

The Bechdel Test, sometimes called the Mo Movie Measure, Bechdel Rule or the Bechdel-Wallace Test, is a simple test you can apply to any film or television show which asks three questions: (1) Are there at least two female characters, (2) who talk to each other, (3) about something other than a man? (With bonus points if the women have names.)

The test was popularized by graphic novelist and FUN HOME writer, Alison Bechdel, for a 1985 comic strip. Bechdel credited the idea to a friend, Liz Wallace, and the writings of Virginia Woolf.

                                      "I tried to remember any case in the course of my reading where two women were represented as friends. (...) 

                                      They are now and then mothers and daughters, but almost without exception they are shown in their relation to men ...other sex. 

                                      And how small a part of a woman's life is that."   

                                                                                        Virginia Woolf - English writer considered one of the foremost modernists of the twentieth century

Since then The Bechdel Test has turned into a mainstream movement to show the disparity of female representation in film and television. In 2016, approximately 30% of the top movies failed the Bechdel Test, and in 2015 all eight films nominated for best picture were about men and only two passed the Bechdel Test. On the flip side, how many film and television shows have at least two male characters talking about something other than a woman? 99 to 100 %.  We hope to change that.